Three Dimensional is a Service Focused, Independent Ink Manufacturer

Our highly experienced sales and technical staff bring many benefits to quality, and environmentally minded printing companies. Three Dimensional manufactures a wide range of quality lithographic inks, including: Heatset, Sheetfed, UV curable, Hybrid, and Non-Heat web. We are focused on producing the highest quality and consistent printing inks, and can provide our customers with inks tailored to their specific needs.

Three Dimensional keeps a mindful eye on our environental impact and makes our raw material selection to help reduce our need for ptroleum oils. We select raw materials that meet our performance and quality requirements, but also contain high percentages of vegetable based oils, such as Linseed, China Wood, and Soya oils. These oils are all manufactured from renewable sources.

Three Dimensional also utilizes programs that allow us to recycle excess inventory into new colors. These programs check for commmon pigments and select old inks on inventory in order to utilize them when manufacturing a new order. Three Dimensional makes use of this process at every level of manufacturing, from our central facility in Danvers MA, to in-plant operations within our customer's facilities. We strive to include recycled inventory in every batch manfactured and work to lessen our impact on the environment at all times.

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